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You may ask what does an Elder Law Attorney do?   

The Law Offices of Carol Bertsch

describe the services like this - 

The list is long – everything from managing medical or financial affairs for loved ones who are not able to do it themselves to securing public benefits. We help clients prepare for incapacity with powers of attorney. We assist clients with qualifying for Medicaid by preparing Qualified Income Trusts, sometimes called “Miller Trusts.” We help our clients stay qualified for Medicaid after an inheritance, court judgment, or settlement. We work with you and your family to resolve real estate matters or find the best care possible for a senior who is ill and recovering away from home while we preserve the assets for the spouse at home. We help families prepare for the future for loved ones with disabilities with trust and other methods. We help individuals get their affairs in order and handled in the way they want after their death through wills, trusts and other solutions.

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